SonRise | New to SonRise?
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New to SonRise?

Times And Locations

We meet each Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. and the service lasts about 75 minutes. We also have Wednesday Family Night at 6:30 p.m., which includes adults, youth and children’s activities.  Our services are held at 310 Parker Street in Vacaville, California. Parking is available on the back side of the building.



What to Expect

Plan to arrive early and find greeters that will warmly welcome you and help you find your way around!  We are pretty casual and are truly just happy to have you here. You’ll immediately see our Welcome table with information and someone to answer your questions.  If you’ve arrived between 9:30am and 10:00am please grab a cup of coffee or tea, and a treat.  You may also enjoy meeting some of the people that attend SonRise.  Our greeters will show you the way to the SonRise Sanctuary. Ushers are available to help you find a seat, if needed.  If you arrive a little late please come on in and we’ll help you find a spot.  We normally take offering as a way of supporting the church and collecting feedback (Connection Cards).  Please do not feel pressured to give.  We would love for you to fill out a Connection Card though! We Worship!  We seek to engage your heart and mind as we pray to God, give thanks to God, focus on God and seek to experience God. SonRise hopes that this time of music is deep, meaningful and God honoring.  Feel free to sing along or listen as you feel comfortable.  Please be sure and meet Pastor Dean Roberts after service. You’ll find him out front by the entry.  He loves personally meeting and welcoming all who come to SonRise!

(click here for a Connection Card)


It’s All About Kids

SonRise Kids Rule! At SonRise we love kids!  Nearly 30% percent of our church is under the age of 18!  Our greeters will help you find the Nursery, the Preschool or the Children’s Church!  We believe in offering a safe and nurturing environment to all of our kids, in all of our programs and events.  You’ll need to sign your children in and fill out an information card so we can contact you in case of an emergency when your child is in our care.  We realize that leaving your children with strangers is often unnerving.  Our friendly children’s workers have all had a background screening and undergone training.  We also try to keep the ratio of children’s workers to kids as low as possible.  Parents are welcome to stay with their children at any time.  We also have trained security on Sunday mornings for extra assurance.  We can’t wait to meet you and your little one(s)!



What We Value

To Love People Through God’s Heart
Where People Matter and Grow in Christ Together



What We Believe

Our Focus is Relationships.

Relationship with Jesus Christ.
Relationship with Families.
Relationship with our Community.

Our relationship with Jesus is our foundation for healthy families. This foundation of healthy families has an impact on our community. We desire for everyone to experience all that Jesus intended for each of His children.


Becoming a Member of SonRise

Because we value our relationships; being a member at SonRise is being part of a family, a community, and building these relationships.  And we share a common vision and understanding of being in a relationship with Christ.  We encourage active participation by getting involved and finding a place to serve and grow in our relationship with Christ.  We are the church and we are actively reaching out to share the Good News through our compassionate and caring ministries.  If you would like to be a member then the first step is to participate in our class series, WIN 100, so you better understand the history and foundation and current, relevant vision of SonRise.  We then ask you to prayerfully consider Membership and understand your commitment to Unity, Responsibility, Ministry and Supportive Testimony of SonRise.  If you agree and seek membership, then you will be received into membership during a Sunday Service where you will be welcomed into our growing family at SonRise.